Please contact West Lindsey District Council if you have a question about a specific planning application.


Planning Applications

Listed below are all current / recent planning applications notified to the Parish Council.
Please click on the link below and then type the application number into the search box on the WLDC website.

General information

When West Lindsey Distirct Council (WLDC) receive a valid planning application they will notify the Parish Council and the owners of adjacent / affected properties. They will also often post a site notice at or near to the proposed development site. A period of public consultation is then undertaken - please be aware that anyone is entiled to comment on a planning application, not just those directly affected. However, only comments that refer directly to planning matters will be considered.

Comments, both in support of or objection to, an application can be made in a number of ways including by email to:

For more information on Planning Applications including how to apply for planning permission; the planning process; commenting on an application and the right of appeal - please see the WLDC website at:

image icon pdf document  Our Planning Protocol